exercise to lose weight

To lose weight you don’t have to go to the gym or the park, instead you can do home exercises to lose weight. There are lots of home exercises you can try at the comfort of your home. Exercising at home is more convenient because it saves time and money. If you are going out to the gym, park or field, you will spend your time and money. If you are hungry at are at home when exercising you can grab some food from the fridge instead of buying. If you use dumbbell or treadmill at home you will need to spend some money, but that’s ok because you are spending money at front. In longer term it will be more profitable.

Home exercises to lose weight

Here are some home exercises you can try:

  • You can do resistance training at your home by using dumbbell. Resistance training is a type of exercise that causes the muscles to contract because of external resistance. Popular resistance training is weight lifting by using dumbbell. When you do weight lifting, your muscle will torn apart or break down and need to be rebuilt. In the process it needs a lot of energy. That is why it will help you lose weight. You can use adjustable dumbbells for weight lifting. The reason why you want to use adjustable dumbbells is because you can easily change the weight of the dumbbell. If you are getting stronger you can easily increase the weight. I recommend Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells. It is great dumbbell and is one of the best sellers for dumbbells at Amazon.
  • Have you heard about Zumba? It is also a great way to lose weight. Zumba is a kind of aerobic or dancing. When you are doing this exercise, you will always moving and shifting. It combine low intensity and high intensity movement or is called interval training which a more effective exercise. You can buy the home fitness DVD series: the Zumba Fitness® Total Body Transformation System and do your own Zumba at home. Ask your spouse or friends to do Zumba together and make it more fun.
  • Don’t forget you can also do basic exercises without any equipment such as walking, jumping, push-up, sit up, squats even weight lifting by using heavy items that you can find at your home. You can use your shopping bag and fill it with heavy stuff. While watching TV you can do some jumping during the commercial.

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